Best Audio Editor For Home Recording

What is the best audio editor for home recording?  First let’s clarify what I mean by “best.”  I’m talking about audio editing software that scores high on three scales, ease of use or how intuitive it is; how friendly it is to “regular” computers such as the average person might already have; and last but not least, cost.

Since Home Brew Audio is primarily focused on teaching “regular” people who may not have done much, if any, audio recording before, how to create professional quality audio (voiceovers, podcasts, narrations and of course, music), it is important that gear that we recommend score high on the three scales I mentioned above.  One reason I mention this is that some folks might ask why I don’t use the audio editing program I’m about to mention as my main editor.  My answer is that I work with audio professionally and the program I use, Adobe Audition, would not score well on either the cost scale (it goes for over $300), and though it works well on a regular computer, it isn’t what I would call intuitive to a beginning home recording enthusiast.

For Ease, Computer-Friendliness and Cost, Our Recommendation for Best Audio Editor?

WavePad Professional Sound Editing Software – (Masters Edition = $79.99, Standard Edition = $49.99)

audio editing software - wavepadThere are certain things you just can’t (or are too hard to) do just using tracking and mixing software.  Once you get your audio recorded, there are several points along the line, especially after you mix all your tracks down to one file, when you will need to edit the audio.   Again, keeping in mind my 3 factors, capability, ability to run on a “normal” computer, and cost, the best audio editing software is WavePad Professional Audio Editing Software.  Take a look at the screen pictures on the left for an idea at the capabilities of this software.  As with the tracking and mixing programs, the “professional” audio editors frequently run into the many hundreds or thousands of dollars.  The price for WavePad?  How about $49.99?  The Master’s Edition goes for $79.99.

WavePad is extraordinarily easy and intuitive to use, and yet delivers professional capabilities so that it is perfect for beginners and experienced users alike.

See more details here: 

Check it out!  Even if you are NOT an audio beginner, you may just find a place in your recording and producing arsenal for this excellent piece of software.




ps – This just in (Oct 25th, 2012) – Another awesome audio editor, Sound Forge Pro, is now available for the first time for Mac (OS X). See our post – – for more details.

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