Guitar Paul McCartney Played on Saturday Night Live

Paul McCartney Cigar Box GuitarPaul McCartney played a very odd guitar on the December 15th episode of Saturday Night Live during his performance with surviving members of Nirvana. It was a Cigar Box guitar (or CBG for short). The body is a large cigar box with a resonator in it, which makes it perfect for playing slide guitar. The other odd thing was that it only had 4 strings. A little research showed that cigar box guitars are commonly made with only 3 or 4 strings.

The guitar was made by Matty Baratto of CigFiddle fame. You can see more of his guitars at

You can actually make your own CBG with kits like the CB Gitty Cigar Box Guitar Kit, or just buy your own – like this CB Gitty Standard Model Cigar Box Guitar #1 – “Romeo and Julietta 3-Stringer.”


  1. PCH says

    He played a different instrument later in the show – looked like a small guitar with a very long neck, but only 4 strings? Does anyone know what that was?

  2. says

    Doh! I’m sorry, yes. That was Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time. I forgot about that, he did play 3 times. And I didn’t notice anything odd about the guitar because it was his bass from when he was in the Beatles. Duh. Sorry about that.

  3. Curious says

    Paul’s guitar looks like it was made out of wood, and not a typical cigar box. It looks like he had a very special guitar made. It is a beautiful looking instrument. Wish we could see some close-up photos of the actual guitar!

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