Issues with Audacity Not Recognizing a USB Mic

Home Recording Issues: One of our members just wrote in with the following question:

I am trying to use a logitech headset/mic for my input device on Audacity. When I plug it into the usb port, the light on the mic comes on but when I look at preferences the mic doesn’t showup as an option. The logitech site says that os comes with the drivers needed to make this happen. My os says its up to date. I running on a macbook wth os. Have you ever encountered an issue with Audacity not recognizing your input device?

Our Answer:

Unfortunately there are going to be any number of hardware and software combinations out there that we have not personally encountered.  Here is how we answered the question for the member:

It seems like every system has its own quirks when it comes to the combination of OS, hardware, drivers and software.  I’m afraid I have not run into that particular problem.  Also I don’t use a mac, so am unfamiliar with it.  In windows, what I would do is check the “sounds and audio devices” option in the Control Panel and see if the OS itself is picking up the mic.  Then I would make the USB mic the primary Recording device for the system.  That may force Audacity to pick up the mic as an option.  Failing that, I would check out the Audacity forums.  There are LOTS more folks there who have experience with Audacity and macs.  They are here:

Sorry I couldn’t be more direct help.  Good luck!


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  1. daniel b says

    Worked for me with one exception. I wasn’t able to get Windows to pick up the USB mic as the default but I was able to “configure” the device. I had Audacity open at the time so it appeared to make no change. After closing Audacity it recognized the USB mic. Thanks, OP and Home Brew Audio. My USB mic records like a champ now.

    Good recordings to you,


  2. says

    What operating system are you using? For Windows 7, first check to see if Windows is recognizing it by going to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, click Hardware and Sound, then see the Sound category. Click the last link on the right that says Manage Audio Devices. You should see your USB mic there. If you don’t, then you found your reason. You need to install the mic on your system. Usually you don’t have to do this, but your mic may have special drivers. BTW, if you can get something like a Samson C01U for only $49, that will help a LOT. Those headphone USB mics don’t give great results in my opinion. Hope that helps.

  3. Ann Copeland says

    I’ve had the same problem and did what Daniel suggested. I closed and then re-opened Audicity. This time it recognises the Mic and has included an input device. Hurrah!!!

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