M-Audio Vocal Studio USB Microphone – Personal Recording Studio

M-Audio-Vocal-Studio MicrophoneSince NAMM (The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)) has just come to a close, we now know about all the newest gear – both software and hardware – for recording music in 2014. I wrote about a few offerings from Zoom (who make some awesome mobile recording devices) in my article last week – New Zoom Recording Products Just Announced At 2014 NAMM. There are so many cool things, but I thought I’d mention something specifically for home recording that is both awesome and very affordable – the M-Audio Vocal Studio USB Microphone Personal Recording Studio.

So what is it? It’s a package that contains the M-Audio Producer Microphone, which is a large capsule cardioid USB mic (comes with a USB cable and a desktop mic stand), and Ignite Music Creation software. The Ignite software works on both Mac and PC. It also comes with 275+ AIR instrument sounds, which are virtual instruments. Also, the software has “Smart MIDI Chord and Phrase Players,” which allow you to use MIDI preset patterns in modern genres that can assist in your compositions. You can read more details about these patterns, M-Audio’s Smart MIDI Chord and Phrase Players, and the Ignite software in general here: http://www.airmusictech.com/product/ignite.

Cost for the whole package: $99.95. That’s a pretty great deal for everything that you get!

CLICK HERE to purchase or to find out more.

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