The Disc Makers $999 Home Studio Guide

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The CD Duplicator and replicator company Disc Makers recently released part 3 in their PDF series called "The $999 Home Studio Guide."  This series covers things like actual building (unlike our recommendations for putting together a home recording studio, which shows you how to put together a pro-audio-capable computer-based studio you can set up quickly and for between 2 and 4 hundred clams) - as in hammering nails into planks.  Uggh.  But hey, if you are inclined to build things like rooms and walls and lay down floors, etc. this is a great idea.  You could definitely eliminate that common problem we have when record in bedrooms with parallel walls, floors and ceilings (that causes bad "room sound" because of reflections and sound wave interference, etc.).  The guide does talk about gear as well.  Plus it gives you tips for optimizing your mixes, which tells me that their primary audience is the music-making crowd.  That's fine though.  I happen to be in that crowd.  But I also recognize that a large number of folks interested in recording are voice-over folks, which is why I try to balance my message in the articles and training we provide.

Anyway, if you're interested in checking it out, here is the link:

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