12 Tips for Creating Better Electronic Dance Music

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Ken Theriot

EDM-DJ-Pic-300-webDisc Makers offers 12 tips for producing good electronic dance music (EDM) on their blog here - Twelve tips for producing massive and original electronic dance music. One of the most important bits of advice here, in my opinion, is to steer clear of using loop libraries right out of the box. If you do it right, it isn't illegal. But it if it's in a commercial library, it's likely that lots of other EDM producers are using those same loops. There are tons of tools out there that will allow you to create and to be more original.

Of course, there are eleven more tips in the article, which was written by EDM producer Francis Preve. Check it out here: http://blog.discmakers.com/2015/04/twelve-tips-for-producing-electronic-dance-music/#ixzz3Y3qlWsoC

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