The Trouble With Self-Hypnosis and Self-Doubt - I Don't Believe Myself

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I should preface this post by explaining why I'm talking about hypnosis on a home recording studio blog.  the reason is that audio recording can be of great help to people in the hypnosis arena.  Induction scripts, trance content, etc. is often recorded for patients for them to listen to regularly.  Whether you're a hypnotherapist or someone wanting to benefit from hypnosis, knowing how to make good quality hypnosis tapes (funny how we still use the word "tape" isn't it?), hypnosis CDs or hypnosis mp3s can help immensely.  So now for the guts of the post:

In much of the hypnosis literature and training I've been through, much emphasis is placed on "congruence," how well the behavior of the hypnotist supports and is supported by her words and body language. It makes sense, especially considering how much communication occurs on a subconscious level between humans. So the early phases of trance work involve using conscious and unconscious means to establish rapport with the other person. That trust is at the heart of everything.

What do you do, then, when you don't trust your hypnotist? Well, most would agree that not much is going to happen between you. It may not be that you think the hypnotist will do something bad. It may be just a bit of doubt that he does not truly have confidence that what he is doing is going to work. That's enough.

By extension, this means I can rarely, if ever, successfully engage in self-hypnosis! Oh sure, I know on an intellectual level what hypnosis is and isn't. I also know how powerful a tool it can be to help people. These are certainties. What is NOT certain, however, is whether hypnosis will work the same way...even with the same underlying techniques, with every person. In fact, since people are so very different, the skilled hypnotist needs to be able to adapt to the personality, belief-system, etc. of each individual. And even then, some will not all. This I have experienced.

Residing next to the knowledge that hypnosis can and does work...for many people, is the sure and certain knowledge that it does not work for everyone. THAT is enough doubt to make me not trust myself enough to hypnotize myself! Do I think I'm "one of those people" who can't BE hypnotized? Nope. I don't believe those people exist, especially since trance states are naturally-occurring.

I believe that if I had the right hypnotist, I could realize some of the changes I want to make. But I'M NOT THAT GUY, apparently. One part of my brain is always saying to the other, "oh, I know what you're trying to do there." And though I may successfully enter a relaxed trance state, I can not utilize it...or at least have not to this point.

This entire article really points to the importance of rapport and trust between hypnotist and subject/patient. It isn't that I don't trust myself, it's that I don't really believe myself fully. And that, unfortunately, amounts to the same thing.

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