20 Best Royalty-Free Hip Hop Music Tracks

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Jake Weston

When composing a next piece that requires the addition of a hip-hop track there are many options that often come with a steep price, but there are also royalty-free tracks available from distributors like AudioJungle. There are many options to choose from to back your vocals or add a hip-hop introduction or break. There are chill vibes, catchy beats, and lyrics discussing current lifestyle standards. Some the royalty free tracks include Gangsta Trippin, Hip-hop This, Upbeat Summer Hip-hop, and Funk Hip hop beat. There are also many more to choose from from AudioJungle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Royalty-free hip hop tracks offer a wide variety of soundtrack options for video blogs and other video projects.
  • The sophisticated Rhodes piano notes and kicks of “Gangsta Trippin” can lend a dark undertone to your project.
  • “Hip Hop” uses a mix of bass, drums and classical piano to blend classic hip hop and Bollywood elements.

"Bring a cool contemporary sound to your next multimedia project with one of our ever popular Hip Hop music tracks"

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