32-Bit Floating Point - Huh?

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Ken Theriot

If you've spent any time looking around in any recording and/or audio editing software, you'll likely have come across several options for audio files.  If you're anything like me you saw a lot of options and terminology that made you think you'd better just leave everything  at the "default" settings until you can understand what some of the gibberish meant.  One of the terms that really seemed confusing to me at first was the term "32-bit floating point."  It almost sounds more like a medical condition:).  It is, in reality, a digital audio term (go figure).  It you're curious about how bits figure into digital audio, see our article here: https://www.homebrewaudio.com/16-bit-audio-recording-what-the-heck-does-it-mean

Here is an article from Emerson Maningo that will help you to understand what 32-bit floating point actually means: http://www.audiorecording.me/32-bit-float-recording-bit-depth-vs-24-bit-complete-beginner-guide.html

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