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virtual instruments guitar pics and drum sticks for  iPadIn the latest in really cool new toys, tools, and gadgets for the recording enthusiast (especially the musicians), I give you Pix and Stix for the iPad Garage Band app.

Apple's Garage Band is an audio recording program for Mac users which now comes bundled with iPhoto and iMovie in Apple's iLife '11 .  It's pretty all-encompassing and also inexpensive for recording and producing in a home studio.  Not surprisingly, there is a Garage Band iPad app that lets you record music into your tablet wherever you happen to be.

So what is Pix and Stix?  They are rubber-tipped drum sticks and guitar picks that you use to trigger virtual instruments in Garage Band on your iPad.  I'll let that sink in for a sec.

I have written about virtual instruments and there's a separate blog if you're wondering what they are.  For the Garage Band iPad app, you get pictures of instruments on your screen that you can play using the touch screen.  You've probably seen that iPad commercial showing somebody actually plucking guitar strings with their fingers on an iPad?  That's what we're talking about with Pix and Stix.  You use the rubber-tipped picks to strum virtual guitars and the drum sticks to, well, hit the drums.  How freakin' cool is that?

Check out Pix and Stix and/or order yours HERE.

No word yet, that I can find, on incidence of broken iPad screens at the hands of these tips:).

Here is a video of someone playing drums with Pix and Stix:


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