Accusonus ERA 4 DeEsser on SALE for $9 only - offer ends on Valentine’s day

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Ken Theriot
Accusonus ERA4 DeEsser on sale for $9

Accusonus is having an amazing sale on their DeEsser plugin (ERA4 De-Esser) until Valentines Day (Feb 14th). Until then it will only cost you 9 bucks! The regular cost for it is $59. So this is….MUCH less than that :-).

What is a DeEsser?

Sometimes when we record our voices, the sounds made when we say the letter “S” (a sound ofen called “sibilance”) come out too loud and harsh. This is especially true for very sensitive microphones. A DeEsser (or de-esser) reduces these “S” sounds so that they sound natural.

The traditional way to de-ess a vocal file is to use a compressor plugin with settings that target only the frequencies where sibilance lives – usually between 4KHz and 8KHz. I talk more about this in my article – How to Fix SSS-Sibilance in Your Audio With Sound Editing Software.

Using a compressor can be a bit complicated for the uninitiated. And you really have to do some trial and error to make sure you have the right frequencies selected.

A DeEsser is a stand-alone effect specifically designed to reduce those harsh SSS sounds more easily.

Why Accusonus’ ERA4 DeEsser?

The great thing about the Accusons ERA4 DeEsser (like all the plugins in the ERA Bundle) is that it is a “single-knob” effect. As hard as it may be to believe, there is only one control – a great big knob – which you turn up or down until you get your “esses” sounding great.

I did a review of the ERA Bundle where I put these tools, including the De-Esser, to the test. You can hear before and after audio samples as well. Check that review out here: Review Of Accusonus ERA Bundle (Amazing Vocal Plugins).

How can I get mine for $9?

I’m glad you asked :-). Just CLICK HERE to grab your ERA4 DeEsser.

BTW, the ERA vocal plugins can be used with just about any recording software. I use them with two programs – Audacity and Reaper.

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