Accusonus Voice Leveler Only $9 During Halloween Sale

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Ken Theriot
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Accusonus Voice Leveler

Accusonus has put their Voice Leveler plugin product on sale for only $9 as part of their Halloween sale. That's crazy, considering Voice Leveler normally sells for $59!

The sale runs from today (Oct 25th, 2019) until Nov 8th.

So what is Voice Leveler?

Well, like ALL the plugins in the Accusonus ERA Bundle, is a single-knob plugin that makes it insanely easy to apply. Voice leveler, as the name implies, allows you to easily and quickly even out inconsistent volume in a vocal recording.

Why would I need it?

So let's say that while you are recording a vocal, you make some mistakes and have to record it with several takes. It is super common for the different sections to have different loudness levels. That's because you might not have been exactly the same distance from the mic every time you recorded a section.

This problem gets even worse when recording over several days. I JUST finished a long video project where I was narrating a tutorial. When I exported the audio for editing, the levels were VASTLY different from one day's recording to the next. This same thing is really common with audio books, podcast recordings, or any vocal recording where it isn't all done in one single "take" or session.

Normally you'd have to manually select each section and try to adjust the volume to match that of the previous audio. This can take hours.

With Voice Leveler, select all the audio and with one click of the button, you can even out all your audio at once. And the single knob makes it unbelievably easy to dial in just the right amount of the effect.

CLICK HERE to find out more and snag your Voice Leveler plugin for $9 before the sale is over. You can watch a video about it and hear Voice Leveler in action.

Voice Leveler is part of the Accusonus ERA Bundle, which I reviewed just a few weeks ago. 

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