How to Use the PC Recording Studio You Didn't Know You Already Had

By the time you finish reading this article, you will have a functioning multi-track digital audio pc recording studio without having to spend any money. Interested? Read on! Have you ever wished you could record your a podcast, or a song, or create audio for the videos you took at a wedding or graduation? Maybe you […]

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What is Auto-Tune, and is it OK to Use in Your Home Music Recording Studio?

You've been hearing it for more than 10 years, even before Cher released "Do You Believe in Love," though you may not realize it.  Antares Auto-Tune is an audio manipulation program that allows a user to change the pitch (another way of saying "tune") of any sound. It started out life as a tool to make audio […]

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Home Recording on a Budget - Massive Audio Quality Improvement For About $59

As heretical as it sounds, I champion the use of the "zero-to-five-dollar" budget for folks to get started in recording audio at home. I'm not dissuading anyone from purchasing gear they can afford (and understand!), but I know what kind of audio quality can be produced with the cheapest of equipment, and it's better than […]

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Singing Harmony With Your Vacuum Cleaner? Learn Home Music Recording and Sing With Yourself Instead

This article is about home music recording - in case the title was a little misleading;).  If you're like me...and a few other people I know (which is why I assume I'm not insane), you love vocal harmony so much that you find yourself singing with inanimate objects that make noise. OK, assuming there are […]

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Learn Home Recording On a Budget

Learn home recording on a SERIOUS budget at Home Brew Audio! How about starting with a budget of $0-$5? So how can Home Brew Audio help you? - We can give you the knowledge you need to make a living recording and producing audio from home. - That knowledge can then be used to make […]

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The Secret To Good Quality Audio In Your Home Recording Studio

You wanna know the secret to getting good quality audio on your home recording studio? Learn to cut tomatoes.  Okay, that was confusing.  Here is what I mean. Everyone has their favorite tool for doing certain kinds of jobs.  For example, I use the large chef’s knife to slice tomatoes, but my wife likes the […]

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