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Have you ever been trying to concentrate at your computer when something you hear around you keeps pulling your attention away or distracting you?  

This happened all the time when I worked in an office made up of cubicles and about 2 dozen other people.  Sometimes it happens at home if I can hear the TV or the stereo.  I'm easily distracted.

But I recently found a very cool thing online that helps drown out all that distracting noise, and it is so simple and fast.  Oh, and its totally free. It's a site called "Simply Noise."

You simply (see what I did there:)) slide the volume control up or down to your correct level and leave that page running in the background while you work.  It's awesome.  You actually can choose between white, pink, or brown noise, indicated by, what else, white, pink or brown buttons.  

Not only can you focus better masking distracting noise with white noise, it can help you relax. Being more calm and focused can really help improve your life. So this is more than just interesting audio stuff. You can actually improve your life. And how often can you do that with something as simple as that?

Go check it out and discover another use of audio in your life. You might even find yourself feeling better within seconds.


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