The Home Studio Gear You Need - And Nothing More

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One of our core beliefs at Home Brew Audio is that you should never spend money on gear that you don't need. It sounds logical, but the truth is that most folks who decide to start a home recording studio go out to their local gear dealer and wholeheartedly listen to the salespeople who suggest buying thousands of dollars of gear right off the bat. This leads to a bunch of problems, such as perpetuating the myth that it is expensive to get into home recording; saddling customers gear with software and equipment they not only don't need, but often don't know how to use; and ultimately leading to unsatisfactory recordings, even after dropping thousands of dollars.

So we say "let your need drive your gear purchases." We help folks understand what gear they need to get started - see our series "How To Build A Home Recording Studio." After that, you can incrementally add to your studio, spending small chunks at a time, AS YOU NEED TO. Heck, some folks - those doing primarily voice-over or video narration recording, for instance - won't ever need to go beyond the basic setup.

Our aim in 2015 is to show people how inexpensive and easy it is to record and produce professional audio at home. So I was really pleased to find a post on the Disc Makers blog (by Graham Cochrane at The Recording Revolution) giving this same advice. Check out "Equipment You Need For A Home Studio Setup."

And good luck with all your recording in 2015!


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