‘Interfaces and more’ from Antelope

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Jake Weston

Antelope is known for its interfaces that are complicated and have many features, and there are even more on its new releases. The Discrete 4 and Discrete 8, two of the three new releases, have enough new features to make them more like processing platforms instead of just I/O boxes. The new Goliath HD is also packed with offerings, including a full 32 inputs and 36 outputs. All three new offerings are a very good value for the money.

Key Takeaways:

  • Both the new Discrete 4 and Discrete 8 Synergy Cores pack on‑board FGPA processing and twin ARM DSP chips.
  • They’re now more like low-latency processing platforms than just I/O boxes, although the interface spec remains impressive.
  • Over two dozen more modeled plug‑ins are available to buy from the company’s website, and Antelope have revealed that third‑party developers will be coming to the platform in the future.

"The same 36 plug-ins ship with this mega-interface as with the Synergy Cores, with scope for expansion and all the requisite processing on board."

Read more: https://www.soundonsound.com/news/interfaces-and-more-antelope

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