Reverb gives away entire drum machine sample collection for free

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Jake Weston

Reverb, a leader in music equipment, has recently made available to the music production industry its collection of drum machine samples. The catalog is extensive with over 50 volumes of samples. The samples cover different models from Roland's TR 506, 909 to Hammond's Auto-Vari 64. The collection would normally retail for nearly a thousand dollars and is invaluable to an industry professional. The samples cover a wide variety of sounds and extensive history of the equipment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reverb's catalogue of drum machine samples was originally priced at a whopping 900 dollars.
  • The collection is made up of over 50 unique sounds acquired throughout the machine's history.
  • Th entire collection of iconic sounds is free and downloadable. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

"Reverb has made its entire catalogue of drum machine samples available as a free download"

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