Waves Audio, Phil Manchester & Griff Comm Ltd. Launch New Audio Forensics Package

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Here is a cool use of audio other than what we normally think of.

Recently, leading covert audio specialist Phil Manchester & Griff Comm Ltd in collaboration with Waves Audio announced release of latest audio forensics package to help law enforcement agencies investigations.

In fact, this made possible only through use of Waves audio tools to provide critical audio evidence for a prosecution case against plot to kill a British Muslim soldier and bring culprits to justice.

On other hand, Phil Manchester is only full-time covert audio specialist in UK, solved more than 700 criminal cases involving national-level criminal offenses. In fact, some of its specialists involved in solving many criminal level investigations.

Find out more about Phil Manchester Waves Audio Forensic Package here.

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  1. Whoa! Quite an achievement. His experience and records are even considered legendary even for the forensics world. You can seldom see talent like that. I'm interested to see how he works and what softwares he uses that he was able to accomplish a lot.

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