6 Tips For Voice Recording

Professional Sound on a Budget

Make the most of whatever mic you already have

Think the only way to get professional sound is to buy more expensive gear (then learn to use it)?
Maybe you think the only REAL way to record and produce professional sounding audio is to go to a commercial recording studio.

Here are 2 pieces of really good news!

1. People make terrible sounding recordings with expensive gear every day, and…
2. People are making awesome sounding recordings with cheap gear every day.

The truth is that with just a little bit of know-how (and not even difficult know-how), you can be in that second group of people.  

Those people know WHY recordings sometimes sound bad, and how to correct those problems. They know how to get the best possible audio quality from even the cheapest microphones and other gear.

Learn the 6 things you can do to sound like a pro!

There are so many podcasts and videos out there that sound HORRIBLE. I'm sure you've heard them. The main problem is that almost all of these are recorded in a room in our house. And these rectangular rooms are NOTORIOUSLY bad spaces for recording audio. Things just sound super echo-y and reverb-y. And that just screams AMATEUR!

But the good news is that there are several things you do to improve that bad "room sound." So now you can easily set yourself apart from your competitors by simply sounding better.

This mini-course will walk you through several steps that will make your podcasts, voiceovers, and videos sound like the came from a professional recording studio. And even better, 4 of these things you can do without having to spend a dime!
In 6 Tips For Voice Recording: Professional Sound on a Budget, you’ll get multiple tips that you can apply RIGHT NOW to immediately make a difference in how good your audio sounds without having to buy (or build) a thing!

What You Get

  • 6 lessons (1 for each tip) explaining in detail what to do to improve your audio – most of which you can implement immediately because THEY’RE FREE
  • 7 videos. Each article also comes with at least one video - and audio samples - showing you exactly how the audio will improve and how to do it.

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