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Think You Need A Commercial Recording Studio?

Think You Need Expensive Audio Equipment?

Commercial studios are expensive and time-consuming.  Learning to use high-end audio equipment takes time AND lots of cash.
Listen to the following two audio samples. One came from $500 in recording gear. The other was recorded with only $15.00 in recording gear. Which is which?



One of those recordings was made using gear 33 times more expensive than the other! Most people think the 2nd one one is the expensive one. Wrong. See - I just saved you $485:-). Why such a difference? Just knowing some things - things we can teach you - about how to use even the cheapest gear.

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Need Help With Your Recordings?

Get 1-on-1 help!

I have helped lots of people diagnose audio recording issues they were having that ended up improving their audio quality immensely.

There are so many things that can go wrong, settings that aren't correct, things plugged into things they shouldn't be plugged into, etc. That list goes on. Things can be especially tough for folks who aren't super great with technical stuff and just want to get on with recording!

I am available to help! We can set up time in increments as small as 15 minutes, and going up from there - however long it takes to fix your problem or address your issues. Also, my rates are crazy affordable at $50 per half-hour (about as long as it takes for most folks).

If you're interested talking to me (phone or Skype is the usual), just contact me and let me know.
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What people say about our tutorials

  • Makes the complicated understandable

    In the jungle of voice-over videos and classes, Ken Theriot of Home Brew Audio stands out. He makes the complicated understandable, your challenges manageable, and his services are affordable. Ken's patience and persistence in solving my problems was an example to me of how to work with my audio software. He responded quickly and kindly to email questions. His common sense and laid-back approach made me feel comfortable and capable of learning. He helped me build a solid foundation on which to grow as a voice-over actor. I thank him and encourage you to use his service

    Skywalker Payne

  • Excellent Teacher

    Hi Ken:...let me tell you that what I have learned from your videos in this short time was extraordinary. Your method of presentation and the way you teach is excellent. I was a teacher and educator. When I see a good teacher or listen to one, I know how good he/she is.

    Shah Royan

  • Presents information in a clear, concise and humorous way

    Great relief when I find someone who not only knows his stuff, but ALSO has the ability to present the information in a clear, concise and humorous way. Teaching is a skill separate from the subject matter itself. Many people have skills but are terrible at communicating them. This channel is excellent. Your video editing and annotation skills are also fantastic.

    English In Context

  • Friendly way of talking

    I like the way you care to show every little thing you do and your friendly way of talking. Subbed.

    Link Linky

  • Such a good teacher

    You are such a good teacher. Not only teach well. I also like the arrows pointing and circle where you are talking about. And a close-up look of the screen.. it really did make a big difference thank you. Subscribed.

    Sung-Han Hung

  • Best DAW instructor on the net

    You are truly the best DAW instructor on the net. I have been watching video after video of narcissists who teach me nothing. THANK YOU!!!


  • Simple and unlike other tutorials

    Damn that was simple and unlike other was explained crystal clear.

    Larry Jones

  • You explained this perfectly!

    I couldn't apply this effect without completely screwing up my sound and voice, but you explained this perfectly! Thanks!

    Seven Sins

  • PLEASURE to view your TUTS!

    Ken, what a GREAT teaching style you have! It is a PLEASURE to view your TUTS! MANY thanks!

    Stuart Norfleet

  • You have literally been my savior

    You have literally been my savior for the past two hours as I've been working on a new project. Thank you. Thank you so much you majestic audio man.

    Katie Spradlin

  • Your videos helped me so so so much!

    Your videos helped me so so so much! Just a simple thank you is not enough but Thank you so much for doing this!

    Merve's Artworks

  • My recordings sound brilliant now

    My recordings sound brilliant now, thank you!

    Mitchell Quinn

  • Helpful and to the point!

    Very, very helpful and to the point! I was able to apply your tips instantly. Thanks a ton!


  • Really great teacher

    Really great teacher- I have learned so much from these videos.


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