How To Create a Home Recording Studio

Learn how to put together a home recording studio tailored to your needs and budget

This is how most people sound (if they are lucky) below (use headphones if you can):

That was recorded with a common headset computer mic

Now here is how your voice COULD sound (again, use headphones):

That’s quite a difference right? (Especially in headphones!)

And that was just a spoken voice recording example. Listen to what kind of music you can record on your computer with the right mic & interface:

That was all me recording my voice on my computer (and my wife’s voice was on the “My Eyes” demo:)). 

Getting that difference isn’t hard or expensive. But most people just don’t know what kind of microphones & other gear to buy, or how to use it.
We can help you record your audio so it sounds professional by showing you what microphones and other equipment to use to match your specific needs and budget.

In “How to Create A Home Recording Studio,” we understand different people have different needs and different budgets. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. So rather than just give you one big list of expensive gear that you might not need or have the budget for, we break things down into 4 groups.

Some folks might only want to record their voices quickly and easily – maybe for quick videos podcasts – and don’t care much about audio quality as long as it can be understood, and don’t really have the budget or want to learn any tech stuff. We have options for those people.

Then there are those who really want a professional sound, but still don’t have much to spend. But they are will to take some time to learn a LITTLE of the tech stuff and spend some time making things sound better. We have recommendations for that group also.

If you can afford a bit more in the budget, and are still willing to spend some time and effort with mic technique and audio editing, we have gear recommendations to get your audio sounding professional.

Finally, if you have a decent budget, still want your audio to sound professional, but don’t want to spend much time learning the tech or editing, we also have several recommendations for you.

You’ll learn how you can put together a small but effective home recording studio for a wide range of budgets, with gear starting at less between $0 and $50!
  • In this 2-video mini-course, get a shopping list for everything you need to start recording pro audio – even if you have a super small budget!
  • Discover which microphones are right for you
  • And much, much more!

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