The Newbies Guide To Audio Recording Awesomeness 1

The Basics With Audacity Software

No budget for gear or software? No recording experience? No problem!

If you think you the only way to record pro audio is to pay for recording studio time or buy expensive gear to record at home, I have great news...
Without spending more than ~ $15 for gear, you can learn to record audio at home using the same techniques used by the pros! Start recording in the next 30 minutes.

Who Is This Course For?

It's for: Musicians who want more professional sounding recordings
It's for: Songwriters who want more professional sounding demos
It's for: Aspiring voiceover actors who want their demos to stand out from all the others
It's for: Anyone who wants first-class audio for podcasts, presentations, videos, and more

In 2022 all you need is a computer, a sound card and a microphone. With an inexpensive mic and some free software, you can create professional sounding audio in seconds. Most people simply don't know how.

Enter The Newbies Guide To Audio Recording Awesomeness 1: The Basics With Audacity

We will show you step-by-step how set up your own studio on your computer using free software (called Audacity) and only one piece of equipment, which you probably already have - any type of microphone (even a $5 PC mic is enough to learn the techniques).
This 10-lesson (17 total short but powerful videos) course is chock-full of incredible home recording tips. And the best part - You can start right now without having to spend more than $0-$15 in software or equipment. All you need is a computer and access to the internet.

You'll learn how to:

  • Record your voice into your computer using free software
  • Edit your recording to make it sound great
  • Add a music track to your voice track (using royalty free music)
  • Mix the music and voice tracks together to produce a sample podcast intro
  • Create MP3s
  • Create loops
  • Overdub for lush voices and vocal harmony
    And lots more...

What People Say About Our Tutorials

Presents information in a clear, concise and humorous way

Great relief when I find someone who not only knows his stuff, but ALSO has the ability to present the information in a clear, concise and humorous way. Teaching is a skill separate from the subject matter itself. Many people have skills but are terrible at communicating them. This channel is excellent. Your video editing and annotation skills are also fantastic.

English In Context

Excellent Teacher

Hi Ken:…let me tell you that what I have learned from your videos in this short time was extraordinary. Your method of presentation and the way you teach is excellent. I was a teacher and educator. When I see a good teacher or listen to one, I know how good he/she is.

Shah Royan

Helpful and to the point!

Very, very helpful and to the point! I was able to apply your tips instantly. Thanks a ton!

Yetties (YouTube)

Makes the complicated understandable

In the jungle of voice-over videos and classes, Ken Theriot of Home Brew Audio stands out. He makes the complicated understandable, your challenges manageable, and his services are affordable. Ken’s patience and persistence in solving my problems was an example to me of how to work with my audio software. He responded quickly and kindly to email questions. His common sense and laid-back approach made me feel comfortable and capable of learning. He helped me build a solid foundation on which to grow as a voice-over actor. I thank him and encourage you to use his service.

Skywalker Payne

You explained this perfectly!

OH MY GOD MAN THANK YOU MUCH – I couldn’t apply this effect without completely screwing up my sound and voice, but you explained this perfectly! Thanks!

Seven Sins (YouTube)

PLEASURE to view your TUTS!

Ken, what a GREAT teaching style you have! It is a PLEASURE to view your TUTS! MANY thanks!

Stuart Norfleet

Here are two sample videos from the course (note: in order to demonstrate decent audio with a $5.00 studio, no expensive gear was used to record the videos. I recorded this tutorial with just a PC mic and on-board sound card):

Lessons Include:

Beginner's Basics

  • Intro: “Start Using the Recording Studio You Didn’t Know You Had!”
  • Lesson 1: Your First Recording
  • Lesson 2: It’s Recorded…Now What? – Editing Your Audio
  • Lesson 3: It’s Recorded…AND Edited…Now What? – Producing Your Audio
  • Lesson 4: What is an MP3? – How to create audio for the web

Recording Music

  • Lesson 5: Multi-Track Recording, (2 parts) – Learn the “Killer App” of audio recording, over-dubbing…otherwise known as “multi-track recording.” How to use the free recording software, Audacity, to make your 1st multi-track recording!
  • Lesson 5a: Singing Harmony With Yourself” Even if you’re not a “singer,” this is mind-bogglingly awesome! Be your own backing vocals, acapella group, doo-wop group, or even choir!
  • Lesson 5b: Vocal Doubling – How to double-your voice to get the sound so popular in hip-hop and pop recordings, as well as in radio ad TV ad voice-overs.
  • Lesson 6: Loops – Music for Non-Musicians

Editing for Both Voiceovers and Music

  • Lesson 7: Intro to FX – Equalization and Frequency
  • Lesson 8: EQ&FX pt2 – Using FX To Solve Audio Problems: Learn how to fix “P-pops” (also called “plosives”) using equalization (EQ).

Next Steps

  • Lesson 9: The Pros and Cons of the Zero-Fifteen Dollar Budget – All previous lessons have been do-able on a “0-15 dollar” budget. That will be enough for 80-90 percent of you. Learn the limitations of that budget level, and how to level-up for about $50 per level!

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