Have you recorded audio at home but couldn’t make it sound professional?

You are not alone. Even buying more expensive recording equipment usually doesn’t help.

Most people think there are only 2 ways to get that professional audio sound:

  • Go to a commercial recording studio (expensive and time-consuming)
  • Spend a fortune on top-notch gear, AND learn how to use it all (who has the time and money for that?)

Listen to the following two audio samples. One came from $500 in recording gear. The other was recorded with only $5.00 in recording gear. Which is which?

One of those recordings was made using gear 100 times more expensive than the other! Most people think the 2nd one one is the expensive one. Wrong. Why such a difference? Just knowing some things – things we can teach you – about how to use even the cheapest gear.

Here at Home Brew Audio, you’ll find hundreds of free articles and tutorials all designed to help regular folks record professional quality audio at home, and spending the least amount of money to do it. When you’re ready, you’ll want to check out our video tutorial courses that show you step-by-step how to start recording like the pros.