Home Brew Audio Is About Home Audio Recording

My name is Ken Theriot. I started Home Brew Audio with one goal in mind - to help people record professional sounding audio at home.

Why? Audio recording is much easier than most people think. HOWEVER, people often see it as too hard to understand, mainly because of all the overly technical and scary sounding terminology and jargon.

I Make This Stuff Easy For Anyone To Understand

It makes me sad when I hear someone say "I wanted to start a podcast. But the technology and stuff just seemed so overwhelming that I just gave up the idea." I've heard that many times. And not just about podcasts, of course. The same thing happens to people who have dreamed of recording their own music, getting into voiceovers or narrating audiobooks. 
I've always had a knack for taking a hard topic and breaking it down to make it easy to understand. I think the audio recording world is NEEDLESSLY hard to understand. Overly-technical terms are used to describe something super easy. Some of that is leftover jargon from pre-computer days of tape recorders and other bits of hardware. I get that. But anyone who was not around during those days will be confused for no reason. So my goal is to translate the stupidly confusing terms and concepts into "normal-people language." 

I Teach ONLY What You Need To Know

The audio recording and editing world is huge! There are tons of rabbit holes you could get lost in. And they are deep. I am not trying to turn you into an audio "engineer." the amount of stuff you ACTUALLY need to know in order to record, edit and produce your own audio is a tiny fraction of audio engineers need to know. So I only teach the stuff you need to know.

Free Stuff

There are hundreds of posts that are filled with great information of everything from audio gear and software and how to use it all, to tips on how to make your audio recordings sound awesome. You will find information for both musicians and folks just recording their voices, whether that is for paid voiceover work, or just to narrate your own videos or podcasts. Find all these posts here.

You can also get free videos from our flagship course, "The Newbies Guide To Audio Recording Awesomeness" by clicking here.

My newest course focuses only on spoken audio stuff for content creators. So it's for podcasters, people wanting to get into voice overs, audiobook narration, or just narrating your own videos. That course is called "Professional Talkers: How To Record High Quality Audio For Podcasts, VoiceOvers & More." You can get free videos from that course by clicking here.


We have several courses available that will teach you how to set up a home recording studio (what gear to buy, etc.), how to make your audio sound great without spending a ton of money, and how to use Audacity and Reaper recording software. You can take a look at all my courses here.