My name is Ken Theriot. I started Home Brew Audio with one goal in mind - to help people record professional sounding audio at home.

Why? Audio recording is much easier that most people think. HOWEVER, people often see it as too hard to understand, mainly because of all the overly technical and scary sounding terminology and jargon.
Problem: People who COULD be recording their own music, voiceovers, podcasts, etc. at home often just give up - thinking it's just too hard. Then they either decide not record at all. Or they spend a ton of money at commercial recordings studios.

Why me? I am a musician and voiceover actor/narrator. I started learning how to record at home many years ago because I could not afford to always go to commercial studios. So I HAD to learn ways to make my audio sound PROFESSIONAL.

It took me several years, learning bit-by-bit what to do and what NOT to do in order to get the BEST QUALITY for the LOWEST cost. 

So I have tried all the things. I have made the mistakes. And in the end, I have learned that audio recording is really not as hard as you think! And it doesn't have to be as expensive as you probably think. 

So Home Brew Audio is a place where you can learn - in plain language - how to record your own audio at home. In my posts and courses, I do my best to translate all the technical stuff so ANYONE can understand it - and then do it themselves.

My home recording motto is "knowledge trumps gear." And I want to provide that knowledge.

How Is Home Brew Audio Different?

There are lots of places around the internet where you can learn about home recording. Here is how HBA is different from the rest:
  • I use “regular-people-speak” to teach audio recording. The recording world is so filled with technical jargon and confusing terminology that it can be hard to find tutorials that explain things so anyone can understand. THAT is my goal.
  • My tutorials cover music AS WELL AS voiceover, video narration, podcasts, and other recording needs that non-musicians have.
  • I’ll help you avoid the common issue of buying tons of expensive gear, much of which you probably don’t need. I show you how to get started with a SUPER SMALL budget – like $5.00 small – and show you how to get the best audio from the cheapest gear. Then I help you upgrade in affordable increments. That way you only pay for what you need.
  • My videos are short and to-the-point. I also try to put a bit of humor into my videos to help make the learning fun.

Get started right away with some free videos

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