MIDI For Your iPhone or iPad: IK Multimedia Announces the iRig MIDI

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Ken Theriot
MIDI Interface for iOS - iRIG MIDI

MIDI for your iOS device?  Oh yeah.  News from Summer NAMM 2011 tells of yet another awesome product from IK Multimedia, the folks who brought you the iRig microphone and Amplitube iRig guitar interface products for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. 

This time it's iRig MIDI which, you guessed it, allows you to connect any MIDI device, like a keyboard, to your iOS device.

Why is this awesome?  Well besides letting you connect anything from a super-compact portable keyboard to a full 88-key digital piano to your iPhone or iPad, iRig MIDI also includes IK's SampleTank free virtual instrument app, which IK describes as the first professional iOS multi-part sound module tailored for live usage. 

That means you could be on stage with nothing but your iPhone and a compact MIDI keyboard in your hand, and play high-quality sampled instruments live.  Your roadies will love you if nothing else (I've always wanted roadies but that job usually falls to us and a few friends:)).


CLICK HERE to find out more or to order yours.



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