Comparison of 2 USB Mics

Here are two samples from two different USB microphones.

This will work much better if you put on headphones before listening.

Sample A

Sample B

Both mics were recorded at the same desk in the same untreated (no acoustic panels, etc.) standard bedroom with bare walls. I read the same short passage from a book into both mics.

The only thing I did post-production was to manually (no compression) make the loudnesses the same. Sometimes a louder audio will be perceived as "better" based on that alone.

Other than that these are raw audio files with no editing - no noise reduction, EQ, compression, de-plosive, de-reverb, etc.

I thought it would be fun to see people which sample people think is which mic (Sample A or Sample B), and maybe your thoughts about it. Leave a comment below. At some point I will reveal what mics these are :-).

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