Release of Amplitube Slash

IK Multimedia just announced the release of their latest iOS product called the Amplitube Slash.  As you may have guessed by the reference to Slash, this version of Amplitube includes models of guitar amplifiers and effects pedals used by the famed Guns N Roses guitarist.

IK Multimedia actually worked together with Slash to create this product, so it is as accurate and true to what Slash himself creates as it can possibly be.

If you are not familiar with Amplitube in general, you can see a complete review I did of that product here – AmpliTube IRig By IK Multimedia – complete with video and audio samples.  But to bottom-line it for you, Amplitube is a virtual guitar amplifier that lives in your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. 

It comes with a piece of hardware, an adapter called the iRIG guitar interface, that plugs into the iOS device and allows you to then plug your guitar into the adapter’s quarter-inch plug.  Then you just download the free Amplitube app from the iTunes app store, and rock out.  You have a large selection of sounds available and of course you can control the knobs on the amplifier (well, a picture of the amplifier) as you would a real one.  Extremely cool!

But now, with the release of Slash, you can expand Amplitube to include his signature sound.

Click here to find out more or buy Slash.

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