Adjusting Guitar Pickups For Better Sound

I found an article that gives you some tips for adjusting your guitar pickups for better sound.  Do you know if your guitar’s pickup is out of alignment?  Probably not. How much do you know about magnetic fields? Yeah, me neither.

Guitarists are usually pretty familiar with what kinds of tone changes they can get by turning the knobs and flipping the switches on theirs guitars.  But very few of them ever dare to mess with the actual pickups themselves.  I believe this is kind of a “hey-that-isn’t-a-user-fixable-thing” issue; sort of like opening up the back of your computer or digging around inside your car’s engine. Oh hell no! Not me. As far as I know my car is powered by the shrieking soulds of the damned. but that’s a different issue :-P.

Users are happy to play with controls they are obviously meant to use, since they assume the manufacturer intended them to, and therefore not much damage can result.  But once you crack open the box, all bets are off.

Well this article shows you how to crack open (well, not literally) the pickups of a guitar to give you more control. It will go into quite a bit of detail though. So get ready to read about different pickup types, things like polepieces, magnetic fields, and moving your pickups around.

If you are willing to get your hands dirty and taking a screwdriver to your pickups, check out the article at audiofanzine here.

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