T-Pain Vocal Recording Software

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iZotope T-PainNo doubt you have heard the use of tuning software (usually Auto-Tune) used not as a tool for correcting the pitch of a singer's recording, but as an effect in and of itself to make a voice sound unnatural and "computery." There is a hip-hop artist out there whose name is becoming synonymous with this kind of thing, and he is known as T-Pain.

Now there is a tool you can buy (instant download) called The T-Pain Effect, by iZotope, that will allow you to not only apply the extreme tuning effect to your voice, but also to do beat-making using the virtual drum machine that comes with it.

There are 3 music-making tools designed for beginners (you don't need to know much, if anything, about audio recording) that allow you to arrange beats, record your voice, and in just a matter of minutes, post your tracks on-line.

Click here or on the picture to buy it and download it right now.

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