Headphones Auggie Wore In Covert Affairs Season Finale

Since I’ve done it several times now (Headphones Michael Phelps Wore At 2012 Olympics, Headphones Colin Kaepernick Wearing At The Super Bowl – Beats Studio, etc.), I guess it’s my thing – identifying the headphones, or other audio- related thingy that appears on a popular TV show. This time it’s about the pair of headphones that the character of Auggie Anderson, in  USA’s TV series Covert Affairs, was wearing during the plane ride back from Amsterdam in the season finale. They were the Grado PS500 professional series headphones. These exact headphones are no longer available as of Apr 2020. The Grado Heritage Series or Reference Series is now the closest thing.

The PS500s are part of Grado’s Professional Series of high-end headphones. They are of the open-back variety, which means there is enough air for the audio to move and typically provide more pleasing and accurate music reproduction. These are also circumaural headphones, which means the fit over the ear rather than on top of them, so the ear sits inside the cups – much more comfortable.

The review on the Grado website – https://www.gradolabs.com/ states that even though these are high-end headphones, they sound awesome with miniature sound devices like iPods and iPhones.

The PS500 phones are the little brother to the PS1000, which are widely acknowledged to be the best audiophile headphones out there, and for $1,695, I would hope so:).

Both of the Professional Series Grado headphones use a proprietary wood and metal hybrid housing to ensure that the earphone has no ringing that might color or otherwise interfere with the pure quality sound.

If you want to be just like Auggie, you can grab your own by clicking here – $495

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