Headphones Colin Kaepernick Wearing At The Super Bowl – Beats Studio

Colin Kaepernick was wearing a pair of red Beats Studio headphones from the Beats By Dr. Dre line of earphones/headphones when he walked into the Super Dome on Sunday, Feb 3rd (2012), for Super Bowl XLVII. See the picture on the left.

These around-the-ear, closed back phones are perfect for noise isolation, when you just want to block out all the external noise around you. Then added to that is something called active noise-isolation technology.

What that does is sort of record the frequencies of common travel noise, like plane or train engines, and then actively block it by creating a negative version of it, literally cancelling that noise out.

Surely you remember your wave mechanics from physics in college, right? OK, you don’t…or you don’t care how it works, only THAT it works. When you’re quarterbacking at the Super Bowl, it’s important to be able to block out as much noise as possible so you can focus. And these headphones allow you to do just that.

Technically the name of these phones is: Beats Studio High-Definition Isolation Headphones. I mention that because even though they are awesome at blocking out noise, they also sound incredibly awesome when playing music.

And added to all that, you also get the inline mic & remote control for use with an iPhone (or other smartphones). This is compatible with the Monster ControlTalk standard.

And the cables are detachable, so you can switch them out with the other of two cables that come with these cans. One is for the phone with the remote, etc. the other is just a standard cable that you can use with a portable music player or computer. Of course you could also just wear them with no cable if all you want to do is get some quiet time.

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