McIntosh Preamplifier on Elementary TV Show

Preamplifier on ElementaryMcIntosh C2300Sherlock Holmes, in an episode of the CBS show Elementary this past week (Feb 14th) showed a close-up of a cool audio device called the McIntosh C2300 Preamplifier. Holmes was using it to play loud music in his house so the neighbors would not hear him firing a gun to conduct a ballistics test. The camera zoomed in very close to the face of the McIntosh and stayed there for a few seconds. It seemed pretty obvious that it was a paid product placement. But I’d never heard of it before. So what is it?

McIntosh makes high-quality consumer audio electronics, specifically focusing on the units that serve as the audio hub for your home theater or entertainment center. The C2300 has a bunch of inputs on the back to pug in your TV, CD player, cable box router, Apple TV, etc. and even a record player.  It has 2 phono inputs, which are not easy to find anymore, since record players are pretty rare and require special processing. Specifically it has 6 stereo and 2 phono inputs (unbalanced) and 3 balanced stereo inputs. And in addition to the headphone outputs, it has 3 balanced stereo outputs and 3 unbalanced stereo outputs.

Another thing that sets this model apart from some others is that it is a tube preamplifier, which means that it uses vacuum tubes instead of transistors. Tubes are often preferred for audio applications for how they sound, imparting a warm and lovely quality to the audio. But that is arguably what makes it so expensive.

These are expensive high-end pieces of home audio gear that you won’t find on Amazon or anywhere on-line (that I could find). You’ll have to go to your closest high-end home theater and audio dealer. Here in San Antonio you can get them at Bjorns. The C2300 goes for about $4,500. I know, right!? But Sherlock Holmes has access to – as he puts it – certain funds. So I guess he can afford it.

Check out the McIntosh website for more information on the C2300 Tube Preamplifier.

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    1. Larry,

      Speakers huh? Was it in this same episode? Are they the speakers in his house? Not sure exactly what you’re referring to.


  1. I think not. They appear to have SEAS drivers. They have a copper phase plug which the Energy Veritas do not have. The Veritas have a sliver colored phase plug.

  2. I must recant my previous statement. During the episode of March 6th 2014
    the speaker was shown in many scenes and I got a good look this time.
    The phase plugs are not copper as I thought. And they are verified as
    Energy CF-70’s. Good call michbrow2323.

  3. Energy CF-70’s are rather poor speakers to be using on a McIntosh driven system. To get anywhere the sound McIntosh is capable of, you’d need to pay 10 to 20 or much more times what the Energy CF-70’s cost.

  4. I don’t think that is the McIntosh C23 preamplifier, but the MP-100 Phono preamplifier. It looks like that might be a VIP Scout turntable in back of it. If so, it would make sense having the MP-100 in front.

  5. I take that back. Actually I now believe it is the McIntosh MT10 turntable. It has the front plate with one meter and the turntable on the same chassis. Not sure what the other McIntosh component is at present.

  6. Episode 28. Yes, that may very well be the McIntosh C2300 preamplifier. Sorry for the confusion in my eariler post. Also, as stated, that is the Mac turntable show with the meter and turntable/arm. There is also a Mac power amplifier under the preamp, but I cannot identify the model from this episode of Elementary.

  7. Episode 29. MacIntosh M88 tuner on top of the MacIntosh C2300 preamplifier. Where is the power amplifier?

    1. Thanks John! It has been quite awhile since I saw the episode and posted this. I really don’t know:-P.


  8. Just $1000 (2010 prices) for speakers to go along with all that McIntosh gear seems a bit unbalanced.

  9. The internet is a wonderful thing. I just saw a recent episode and saw the telltale blue display of a McIntosh unit, and then saw a glimpse of the floor standing speakers which I couldn’t identify. I searched on “Elementary” and “what kind of speakers” and here I am. I was assuming the speakers were going to be a match for the McIntosh units, but it seems someone messed up – perfect product placement for a speaker company. After all, Holmes just recently wrote a check for $100k out of his own account for a friend’s brother (or something like that), so I’m sure he would’ve bought speakers more worthy.

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