EQ Basics

Equalization (EQ) is a big part of mixing and mastering, but for a new audio engineer it may be difficult to grasp the concepts that are involved with using EQ effectively.

And because we are all about making hard concepts easy to understand, often by mocking overly complex terms or those who love to use them, but mostly making things fun and making them so anyone can understand.

I’ve written several articles about EQ, starting at the beginning with What is Equalization, Usually Called EQ? If you can’t get enough of my awesome EQ writing (shya:)), see the following:

There’s a lot to be gained from learning by doing, but having a basic idea of what your goals are and what tools are available can improve the learning curve. And you can also learn EQ stuff from people other than me. I know! It’s a shock. But seriously…

You can read a great step-by-step  guide to getting started with EQ here.

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