Audio Recording Awesomeness In 30 Minutes A Day

I just read an article by Graham Cochrane – The 30 Minute Rule For Awesomness – where he brings up an excellent point about improving at audio recording pretty rapidly without having it seem like some huge daunting task. It’s pretty simple. Just do 30 minutes a day. Think about it. You probably spend that amount of time looking at cat videos each day:). Certainly I know I spend a lot of non-value-added time each day that easily adds up to 30 minutes.

Seriously though. His post grabbed me because basically he talks about what I talk about a lot. Audio recording techniques are truly not hard to learn IF you have the right teacher. People like Graham and I, as well as Joe Gilder, Bjorgvin Benediktsson, Bobby Owsinski, Ian Shepherd and others are attempting to be the right teachers so that a lot more people can get into recording awesome audio.

Of course, I also liked Graham’s title since it used the word “awesomeness”:). Obviously I didn’t make up the word, but it’s in the title of our flagship learning course – The Newbies Guide To Audio Recording Awesomeness.

So no, you don’t have to go to an expensive and years-long recording school to learn audio recording these days. If you take 30 minutes a day and read/practice something you learned from any of the folks mentioned in this article (and there lots of others out there whose names didn’t spring to mind as I write this over my first cup of tea), your recordings will sound awesome in a very short time.



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