You Don’t Need To Spend 860 Bucks On A Starter Studio

I just saw a video over on CNET that described setting up a home music recording studio for under $1,000. And that was supposed to make you think it was a great price. Holy cow! You can do much better.

The CNET studio items are excellent. There is no doubt of that. But if you are not ready to drop $860 dollars for a starter studio, check out the same basic setup that B&H Pro Audio put together with my specs, and that will cost you only $399.99 – The Musicians Home Recording Starter Kit.

One thing that is important to note here is that the CNET package did not include mic stands, and it only included one mic – the large diaphragm condenser (Rode NT1-A). Our package has 2 mic stands, a large diaphragm Audio Technica AT-2020) AND a small diaphragm condenser mic (the latter being excellent for acoustic guitar and as a shotgun mic replacement on video shoots).

Yes, the Rode NT1-A is a very good mic. And so are a lot of mics over $200. But you know what? There are some excellent mics under $200 as well. The Rode is not necessarily the best choice for your first studio. Once you know that audio recording is going to feature prominently in your life or business, upgrade to the more expensive mics one at a time.

Oh, and you also get Pro Tools SE along with our package as well, just like the CNET recommendations.

So if you want a musicians starter studio that can record pro quality audio, you can get that for $496.95 from B&H, or build your own according to the CNET video for $896. Your choice:).

Check out the CNET recommendation here:

Happy recording.


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