Checklist For Music Recording Session

I just read an article with some tips for setting up a recording session. The post mainly focuses on recording a music session but the ideas are also applicable to any recording session.

It starts with the idea of pre-recording prep. The first item talks about making sure your instruments sound good. That means that guitars are tuned, not only to themselves and to a correct reference pitch, but to any other instruments that will be used. those include other guitars, basses, pianos, etc. I can relate to this one very well. My latest client often ends up playing my guitar rather than his own, and we have wasted time trying to get my instrument tuned when I didn’t do it before the session.

The checklist goes on to list other tips such as testing and/or replacing drum heads, warming up the singer, checking amps for hum and buzz, etc.

To the list the author provides in the article, I humbly suggest you add the following things:

– Have the computer on and the recording software already open.

– Set up the mic stands with the mics already on them and cables all ready to plug in.

– Have some snacks and water ready for the talent – and for the engineer;).

– Make sure the recording software program is set up to record the kind of session you’re planning. For example, sometimes I use different interfaces for various reasons, and I find my program (usually Reaper) does not have the current interface (the one I want to use for the session) selected. This can be confusing and cause a big delay if you’re not careful to check it before hand.

Check out the full article here:

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