Improving Your Electric Guitar Sound After It Is Recorded

Electric GuitarHere is an excellent video – another one from WinkSound – showing you how to liven up your electric guitar tracks, especially if you record them dry/direct into your computer and then run it through an amp simulator. This video shows you how to do it using Pro Tools. But the same concedpts apply with any DAW, including Reaper.

For example, in my post Guitar Recordings For That Thing You Do Cover – Line 6 POD Farm, I show you how I used amp modeling to record a pop rock song like I did in my cover of the song That Thing You Do! I did all of that in Reaper. In the video, they use an impulse response (IR) reverb plugin that you can only use with Pro Tools. But you can do the same thing with any IR reverb program. For Reaper, try Reverberate.

See the video below:



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