Now Available: Zoom iQ6 Stereo Mic Newer iOS Devices

Here is a very cool little gadget for recording high quality stereo audio using your iPhone or iPad.

The item I am talking about is the Zoom iQ6 Stereo X/Y Microphone for iOS devices with lightning connectors.  This means it works with the iPhone 5 and newer, and iPads Mini and 4th generation or newer. The earlier iOS devices used a 30-pin connector.

So what is this iQ6 thing? It’s a stereo microphone, so it has two capsules, as you can see in the picture. This is basically like having two microphones. And they are arranged in what is called the “X/Y” stereo configuration (you can choose between 90 or 120 degrees). These are the same mics found in the Zoom H4n stand-alone recorder. You just stick it into your device’s lightning connector and just like that, you have a high quality, portable, stereo recorder.

It works with Zoom’s Handy Recorder app. But it also works with pretty much any other audio recording app on your device. One that I happen to really like is called TwistedWave.

It has a gain dial on the front and a level meter so you can see how much signal you are recording. And you can adjust the dial to make sure you have things loud enough while still avoiding overloading it.

It costs $99.00, which is an awesome price. CLICK HERE to find out all the details and/or to buy one of your own!


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