Interview With Mastering Engineer – Thaddeus Moore


Last night I had the pleasure of interviewing Thaddeus Moore, who is the lead mastering engineer for Liquid Mastering. We talked for an hour audio recording, mixing and mastering, and Thaddeus shared his thoughts on the best way to do (or not to do:)) these things in a home recording studio. We also get some great insights into what mastering actually is, and why it is advisable – if at all possible – to have your songs mastered by someone OTHER than you:).

We did this interview using Google Hangouts On Air, which creates a video of the event and places that video onto our YouTube Channel. This is excellent news for a number of reasons. First, it allows folks who could not attend the live interview to see the entire thing when it is convenient for them. And 2nd, it allows us to go back and watch multiple times so we don’t miss anything! I just watched the first 5 minutes again and was reminded of some important things I’d already forgotten! There is gold here if you want to improve you music recording and producing skills.

One of the most interesting answers Thaddeus gave was to my question asking for a piece of over-arching advice for recording musicians or folks hoping to get into recording their songs. He said that more important even than gear or production techniques is the song itself! “The best thing that you can do focus on content in your writing and compositions. There’s no better gear for a song than a good song.” I bet you would not have guessed something like that would be at the very top of his list!

There’s no better gear for a song than a good song.

I’m going to have the interview transcribed so I can put everything into words. But that will take a few days. So until then, you can watch the replay at your leisure below or over at our YouTube Channel here: 

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