Sam Smith Sings Harmony With Himself In Stay With Me

Sam Smith’s song, “Stay With Me,” was a huge hit in 2014. We were just watching a segment about him on CBS Sunday Morning and heard something fascinating. In the chorus of the song, the harmony makes it sound like Sam is being backed up by a full choir.

But it’s no choir! Sam actually recorded himself 40 times!

This Is Why I Learned Audio Recording

I talk about this kind of thing all the time. That’s because the ability to sing harmony with myself is why I got into audio recording in the first place. And it is easier than ever before for anyone to do it on their computer through a process called “overdubbing.”

You can do this with any software that allows you to do multi-track recording, even the free program, Audacity. In fact, the below video – an excerpt from our tutorial course, The Newbies Guide To Audio Recording Awesomeness 1: The Basics With Audacity – shows you how to do overdubbing to sing harmony with yourself, even with no budget for gear (maybe $5.00 for a PC microphone to get started):

That demo was just 4 versions of you. If you want to do what Sam Smith did, it isn’t very hard at all. Just sing like him and sell millions of recordings;-). Oh, the harmony thing. Yes. All you need to do is to follow the instructions in the video…multiplied by 10!

In the interview, Sam said a lot of people think he hired a gospel choir to sing backup on the song. He said that actually upsets him a bit. “I want the credit,” he said with a smile.

[UPDATE]: Since I wrote this article, I have created an entire course dedicated to singing harmony with yourself – or other people too (if you must :)). the course is: Harmony Recording Awesomeness.

So now you, too, can go forth and overdub yourself into a choir.

For more information on singing harmony with yourself, see our page: Sing Harmony With Yourself – Learn How to Record Your Voice on Your PC and Sing Along With It!

And if you’d like some free videos from our course, Harmony Recording Awesomeness

free harmony recording course videos

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