Check Out MusicTech’s Bluffer’s Guide To Music Technology

For the musicians out there: has started an article series that might interest you.

It’s called The Bluffer’s Guide to Music Technology. I am a believer in looking at the same basic concepts from multiple points of view, and the Bluffer’s Guide presents much of the same material as we do in our 6-part series, “How To Build A Home Recording Studio.

It assumes from the start, however, that the reader is going to be interested primarily in recording, mixing, and mastering music (hence the word “music” in the title). If you are just looking to record voiceovers, podcasts, or narrating your own videos, you don’t need nearly as much in the way of gear or recording hardware. For example, a good microphone with a stand and a pop filter is all you really need. You can even produce professional recordings with free software – Audacity.

As with most of our content, our series is a bit more broad and is written for both musicians AND folks doing voiceover recording (including video narration, podcasts, VOIP audio, etc.). Also, I am pretty sure the MusicTech author is British (or possibly Australian) because he debates the pronunciation of the word “DAW” (digital audio workstation) by suggesting that it could be “door.

To start with part one of The bluffer’s Guide To Music Technology, click here.


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