2 Things You Should Know About Your PC Recording Studio

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What?  You say you don’t have a PC recording studio?  Let me ask you this.  Do you have a computer?  Was it made in the last 10 years?  Does it have a sound card?  If you answered “yes” to all 3 questions, you have a PC recording studio.  Maybe you just didn’t know it.

So now that you DO know, you can create awesome audio for, well, for whatever.  Record your songs and release an album.  Send out a podcast.  Narrate an audio book.  Do voiceover recording for any videos you might be making, or to start a voiceover business of your own.  There are so many possibilities.

Now before anyone raises their hand to protest that you can’t record really good audio using just a home computer unless you also spend a gazillion dollars on an audio interface, microphones, and special software, let me just say something first. 

You CAN record really good audio using just a home computer without having to spend a gazillion dollars on an audio interface, microphones, and special software. 

In fact, getting back to the title of this article, there are two important things about home recording you should know.

First – good audio is more about knowledge than money; knowledge anyone can learn quite easily given the right lessons. 

Second – most people can create excellent sounding audio without spending more than about 50 dollars (for a USB mic if you don’t already have one).

1.  The Basics of Home Recording are Easy to Learn

Most home recording needs will center around voiceover recording for any of a number of reasons, such as podcasts, audio for video, audio books, etc.  You will probably have noticed that a lot of amateur narrated audio such as you find in videos on YouTube is really quite bad.  It’s thin, echo-y, noisy, hard-to-understand, or any combination of the above.  But that isn’t because the people recording this audio just have cheap gear.  They could make much better audio with just a little knowledge, mainly about how to avoid and/or reduce noise, where to put the mic, etc.

2.  You Can Create Good Audio With Your Current Computer and Free Recording Software

There are some good audio recording programs available free of charge on the web.  Probably the best known is called Audacity. 

When I say “free,” I mean open source, not just a trial version.  Audacity is amazingly powerful for the price ($0.00).  I recommend you download it before someone figures out how good a deal it really is. 

Audacity is both a multi-track recording and sound editing software.  It comes with lots of built-in effects like EQ, compression, reverb, and great editing capability.  For many folks, especially the ones just recording vocal narration, this is the only home recording software they’ll ever need.

So now you know where to get the hardware, but you are wondering where you can gain the knowledge I said was so easy to understand.  There are many tutorials on the web, but Home Brew Audio is dedicated to teaching home recording skills so that anyone can understand them, using enjoyable and humorous video tutorial videos. 

Why not peruse our many articles if you have a few moments?  I bet you’ll be glad you did.

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