Awesome Home Karaoke System That Generates Harmonies From Your Voice


I just saw a review of a fabulous bit of tech that would be a fabulous gift for singers who love karaoke. Heck, it would be awesome fun for any singer – even if you’re not a good singer:). It’s called Singtrix.

How is it different from the usual karaoke set-up? Well, usually the karaoke recordings have every harmony already recorded. And you just sing along into a microphone. And however good or bad you sing – that’s what people hear. With Singtrix, there are two major differences.

First, the vocal harmonies are not recorded, they are generated from your own voice. If you don’t sing, the harmonies don’t play. This is possible because each song is programmed to split the incoming voice into several copies and play them back at the right time in the song using the correct chords. so the harmony is always correct!

Second, the song in the Singrix system knows what the correct pitch is for the lead vocal and it will make sure that what is comes out is in tune. If you hit the notes correctly, that’s what will be heard.

If you are flat or sharp when you sing into the mic, Singtrix will correct those notes for you automatically! So what comes out of the speakers will always be in tune.

It sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. I don’t have one yet. But I’d love to have one under the tree on christmas morning:).

CLICK HERE to find out more or order one for yourself (or family or friends).

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