The Evolution Of Music Making Technology and Tools


I started recording myself playing music before people had computers in their homes (with the exception of a few friends whose parents bought them an Apple 2 – not that I am bitter:)).

Being a teenager and unable to afford to go to a commercial studio, I recorded multitrack stuff (me singing along with the other me that was playing guitar and yet another version of me singing another part, etc.) with my brother’s “boom box” cassette player and a business cassette recorder I found in my parent’s garage.

I would sing or play a part into the boom box. then play that while singing along with it and recording BOTH of those things into my cheap tape recorder. then I’d go the other way, bouncing back and forth. Sure it was a form of multitrack recording, but the noise and sound quality was horrible :-P.

I can’t even imagine how things would have been if today’s technology existed back then. I would never have left my room, though, I can tell you. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so good for me:-P.

Anyway – The Music Education Department at The University of Florida has developed a fascinating infographic on the Evolution of Musical Tools that is directly relevant to this constant “what if” game I play with myself about the unbelievable recording and music making tools available today – and available so anyone can afford them, even poor teenaged musicians with questionable social skills:).

Take a look below and think for a minute how fortunate you are to live in this day and age. And get off my lawn!:) (just kidding):

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