Distance Between Monitors

The distance between your monitors is important when you’re mixing. If they aren’t the right distance apart you are likely to have problems getting your levels right.
If the monitors are too far apart then sounds panned to the sides will sound louder (and sounds in the center quieter) and conversely if the monitors are too […]

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  1. should the distance between eyes and monitor vary with the size of the monitor?
    How close is too close to watch a computer monitor?
    It is a well known fact that while viewing a 15 inch monitor, we should keep a distance of 25 to 27 inches between the monitor and the eyes. Should the same distance be maintained while viewing a 10 inch monitor? (Please note here that the area of a 10 inch monitor is approximately half that of a 15 inch monitor). Can I use small fonts in the 10 inch monitor and sit closer than what distance I keep with a 15 inch monitor?
    Generally, should the distance between eyes and monitor vary with the size of the monitor?

    If 27 inches is okay to 15 inch monitor, whats ok for 10 inch?
    so, should I keep a distance of 25 inch from a 10 inch monitor? Is that right?
    what distance should I keep from a 10 inch monitor?

  2. yeah cuz if it is really big it gives off more light and it could hurt your eyes more so the bigger the further away helps!
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  3. The distance you should sit from your monitor is directly proportional to the strength of your eyes. If you sit 4 feet away because you have a 27 inch monitor and can’t see anything then what’s the sense. To reduce the effects of radiation and such emitted from the monitor, lower your contrast and brightness or buy an antiglare screen.
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  4. I haven’t heard much about how far away you should sit, except that it should be comfortable for you. I wanted to comment on another answer that stated that you should turn down the brightness to decrease the amount of radiation. There’s been a lot of hype about UV radiation from computer screens lately and actually, monitors emit UV at a level 10,000 to 100,000 times LOWER than the levels known to cause any eye or skin damage. Also, make sure that you take breaks about every 20 minutes when you’re working on the computer to relax your eyes.
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