What is the Best Home Recording Equipment Package?

Below is another common question I pulled from Yahoo Answers.  “What is the best home recording equipment package?”  It isn’t a bad questions as far as it goes, but it’s a little like asking “what is the best car?” 

It depends very much on what you want the car to do for you, what your budget is, how important certain factors like maintenance requirements, fuel efficiency, etc. are to you.

So as usual, I have added my reply below, after the reply that came in to the original question.

Q: I would like to buy some home recording equipment (software, hardware, etc.), but I don’t know much about this stuff. Can anyone give me some guidance on what I should buy? Thank you!

A: When you say “best” do you mean cheapest? Or do you really mean “best? (I agree totally – K)
Cheap (~$175) but good: Tascam Track Pack T1 US122L Soundcard with Microphone Pack (no longer available)

Good but still far from the best: https://www.sweetwaveaudio.com/home_recording_package.php (and costs about $2,000).
If you really mean “best” then I hope you are prepared to spend a lot of money (maybe $500,000 or more).

My answer is to start with a question like this: “What do you want to do with your home studio?”  If the answer is anything like “I want to do voice-overs,” or “I need to record audio for my podcast,” my answer would be to point the person in the direction of a MUCH less expensive set-up (at least to start) than either of the above suggestions. 

I’d probably suggest something like: “Get yourself a USB mic like the Samson Q2U Handheld USB Microphone for about $59.  Then download Audacity software, which is free.  You can get some amazing quality with just that!  If that doesn’t give you what you need, you can move up the price range, but you might as well start affordable, no?

My next question would be: “How is your home recording knowledge?”  If the person is a total newbie, my answer would definitely be the same as above, combined with advice to find some tutorials on the web designed to teach newbies how to record audio from home. 

Once good place like that would be this site – Home Brew Audio (just off the top of my head:)).  However, if the person has some experience and knowledge already, I might add a few different items to the mix, such as downloading Reaper (by Cockos) for a 30-day trial of their excellent software that will eventually cost you a mere $60, if you make less than about $20,000 per year using it. 

If your audio work using Reaper makes you more than $20K a year, you probably won’t mind spending the $220.  And these are the same software “versions.”  BTW, I have no affiliation with Reaper.  I just love and use their product.

If the person is wanting to record a rock band and put out a CD, well then things change quite a lot in that a few different kinds of mic will be needed, as well as the ability to record 6 or 8 (or more) tracks at the same time.  I’d probably recommend something like the: Focusrite Clarett 8Pre that has 8 preamp inputs for about $800.

Of course there is a lot of middle-ground here as well. B&H Pro Audio asked me for advice on home recording equipment bundles and based on my input, set up two starter kits. One is geared (no pun intended:)) more toward the absolute beginner on a budget who expects to do mostly voice-over, podcast, video narration type stuff. It’s called the Home Recording Starter Kit for just about $260.

So before you run out and ask your music store guy “what the best home recording studio equipment package” is, do yourself (and your bank account) a favor and ask someone who can help you match the gear you need to your budget and your recording goals.



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  1. of all you want is software i would go with a light version (not full version but cheaper) of either PRO TOOLS, CUBASE, OR SONAR. These are all professional DAWs (digital audio workstations) that will do everything currently possible in the home recording world. The light versions of these software programs will be less confusing than the full versions and significantly cheaper. If your new to audio recording it’s always best to start easy. Some DAWs do slightly different things so do plenty of research before buying. Fl studio is great for beat production and hip hop stuff for example.

    Reaper is an online DAW that you can download for free. The only catch is that you have to buy a licensing authorization if your using it commercially (which I assume as a beginner you won’t be jumping into) here’s a link: https://www.reaper.fm/index.php

    If you’re looking for a full package eg. mics, speakers possibly, mixing headphones, an audio interface (you will defiantly need one of these) then check out this online package. It has great pricing and is very flexible. https://tiny.cc/RXfeB
    Revolution audio is great store and will tell you about what you need in depth if you call them up.
    References :

  2. While you don`t know, what you exactly need, don`t buy package!
    Probably, you need first audio recording software & external audio interface ( a sound card). Afterward you will better find out which gear you need. For beginning is good choice Mixcraft 4 recording software.
    That is easy to feel out, you can make your first recording immediately.
    Good enough soundcard cost around 200$, I recommend M-Audio Fast Track Pro or Edirol UA-25EX.
    References :
    You can download Mixcraft 4 trial and try out at once: https://www.acoustica.com/mixcraft/
    Also watch over: https://www.homerecordingfun.com/software

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