What Will I Need For A Simple Home Studio?


Below is yet another question asked by a teenager about what they will need to start a home recording studio.  Notice two key words here: “teenager” and “start.” 

About the answer that was given to this question from Yahoo Answers, please allow me to state the following:  AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH! 

If I were 15 years old wanting to start a home recording studio, and someone gave me that answer, I would sigh and give up.  Basically, if you don’t have well over a thousand bucks to drop (closer to a few thousand, actually), you can’t start a studio using the advice given in the response.  See below (after the italicized excerpt from Yahoo answers) for the Home Brew Audio reply.

The original question

Q: I’m in high school and I want to set up a simple home recording studio. I know I’ll need recording microphones, a mixer, a laptop and recording software. What else will i need?

A: There are quite a few things you could need depending on what plan to record (music, voice-overs, both).

[There used to be a link to an article about it here. But that site is no more as of 2020]

Here is the Home Brew Audio answer:

First, you should know that you don’t have to spend anywhere near a thousand dollars to begin with. You would be amazed at how much you can do with just a decent USB mic – like the Samson C01U – and a computer with free software like Audacity. Total cost – $70.

No, there aren’t any zeros missing from that figure. You can start recording pro quality audio with a studio costing about seventy bucks.

The other thing is that you do NOT need a mixer for home recording. In fact it can be a detriment. See our 2-part post
Why You Should Not Use A Mixer In Your Home Recording Studio for why I say this.

Instead, if you get a standard large diaphragm condenser mic, which I recommend as a great all-around mic, you’ll need an audio recording interface. Not a mixer. A good choice for an interface is the Focusrite Scarlett Solo for about $110.

For how to round it out, as well as tips on how to get the best quality out of any mic, check out our 5-part post series: How To Build A Home Recording Studio.

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  1. well, obviously you’ll also need whatever instruments you want to record, or you can synthesize them with a MIDI program like Anvil Studio, though it doesn’t sound as good.
    other than that, I think you’re good. I record some stuff, and that’s all I use. If you’re gonna get a mixer, I’d reccomend the Boss BR-600. tis awesome
    References :

  2. https://www.buildastudio.blogspot.com
    Check out the link to this blog, it has helped a few people I know.
    Basically just figure out how and what you need to do, then start buying the equipment you will need. This blog talks about starting with a plan, and then teaches you the basics of recording so you can achieve your plan.
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