Review Of Accusonus ERA Bundle (Amazing Vocal Plugins)

[UPDATE: Sadly, Accusonus no longer makes or supports this fabulous bundle of tools. You also cannot purchase them any longer. To replace this tool kit, I’ve moved to iZotope RX.]

The ERA tools were amazing. but sadly you simply can’t get it anymore. Most of the same tools can be found in iZotope RX Standard.

Here is what the modules uswed to look like:

ERA Bundle of vocal plugins
ERA Bundle

4 comments on “Review Of Accusonus ERA Bundle (Amazing Vocal Plugins)”

  1. I understand there’s a monthly fee, but do you have to sign up for a minimum number of months? I can’t imagine they let you use the software for just one month. (I’ve only just started home recording, but I have a vocal track I love that has a lot of pops. I’ve no idea how frequently I would use this software in the future.) Thanks!

    1. I don’t think there is a minimum number. I think you can go month by month. So that should give you plenty of opportunity to see if it is worth continuing.

  2. I had the trial and kt worked great in all my DAWs. Upgraded to the Pro Bundle and after about a week the suite stopped working and hasn’t worked in any of them since. Their customer service is exceptional but we still haven’t been able to get the plugins working and they did when initially paid for them.

    1. Hi Greg. Not sure what you mean by “KT.” I’m using the latest ERA Bundle (6) and it works great in Adobe Audition and Reaper. I assume you switched over to the monthly subscription plan? I think that’s actually the only way you can do it now.

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