New Mouth De-Click Plugin From Accusonus

I wanted to let everyone know about a new tool that makes it fast, easy and inexpensive to remove mouth-click noises from your voice recordings. These are saliva and tongue noises that can be super annoying and really distract from an otherwise professional-sounding recording.

Can’t I already do this with EQ?

Well, yes. It’s always been possible to do it for free using the equalization effect in any audio program. So in the free Audacity audio recording program, that would be the graphic EQ effect. I even showed how to do that in my post How To Use An Audio Editor To Remove Saliva Noises From Voice Recordings.

But there are two huge problems with doing it this way.

  1. It needs to be done really surgically, you have to zoom way in on the click itself, so in this particular example, the click is right in there, so I would have to zoom all the way in and apply the EQ just to that click, and the reason for that is gonna become apparent in just a minute here. But the fact that you have to do that leads to the second problem…
  2. If you have, say, a 30-minute podcast or worse a four-hour audio book, zeroing in on every click individually one at a time, and going through this process would be impractical, it would just take way too much time.

Doing lots of clicks in a large selection of audio in a single command

So it works, and that’s great, but imagine having to do that for every single mouth click that you hear in a really, really long audio program.

So why do I have to zoom in on every single click? Why can’t I just select the entire 30 seconds or so that contains the mouth click, and then hit the EQ to get rid of the click?

The reason is that if I do that, all of the audio in that 30 seconds will sound really muffled. That’s because the EQ setting we need is too extreme to be applied to “good” audio. Doing it like I just described would be like putting the entire body in a cast if only the finger is broken. The rest of the body not only doesn’t need it, but will be hurt by it.

The EQ setting removes a bunch of frequencies important to the voice in the high frequencies, leaving what’s left behind sounding muffled.

So wouldn’t it be great if you had a tool that you could select all of the audio like this and it would affect only the mouth click?

There actually are professional editing tools out there and have been that can do the job, but they’re pretty expensive and will set you back at least $300.

But just recently, Accusonus added a new tool to its already excellent ERA bundle of vocal plugins. It already had fast and simple to use tools for noise reduction, de-essing and plosives, (otherwise known as P-pops).

Now they have added the Mouth De-clicker!

New Accusonus Mouth De-Clicker

As with all their plug-ins, there’s only one control, one great big knob. See the pic above. You don’t have to mess around with frequencies. Heck, you don’t even have to know what a frequency is.

These tools often do have some other controls to tweak if you want to. In this case, there is one other control for choosing normal or broad, but not only will you usually not need it, you often won’t even need to move the knob. The default setting is usually all you need. Though, I do admit that in other tests, some of my clicks needed me to turn the knob higher, but in this one, I didn’t.

So let me go ahead and demonstrate how to use the new Mouth De-Clicker tool.

Et Voila!

And that’s it! I didn’t even have to touch the knob, all I had to do was open it up, go to Effect in the menu, select Mouth De-clicker and click Apply.

This is the default setting. Like I said, in some of my other tests, I did have to raise the knob a little bit to increase the sensitivity in order to get rid of the click, but in this case, all I had to do was use the default setting.

If you’ve ever had to deal with this problem before, you know that this is a game-changer. It really is, if I wanted to, I could choose this entire file here and run the de-clicker on it, and the audio quality would remain the same, except the voice clicks would be removed. That would obviously make editing long audio files much, much faster.

How do I get this?

So I mentioned that it was not only easy, but also affordable. So how affordable are we talking here? I did a review of the Accusonus ERA bundle (Review Of Accusonus ERA Bundle – Amazing Vocal Plugins) a little while back, and like I said, they’ve got some great tools in their bundle. The noise remover, the de-esser and the plosive remover are especially helpful, and I demonstrated them in the review with videos. And you can hear the audio as well.

Since then, Accusonus has changed their plan so that it isn’t just a one-time payment. It’s now a monthly payment of only $8, so you pay $8.

And they’ve also added some other tools. So you get all the tools in the full ERA Bundle Standard for $8 a month. And you will always have the latest version. That is a lot more affordable than having to drop $300 for some of the other programs I was talking about.

So that’s it. I really just wanted to tell you about the new Mouth De-clicker. If you wanna grab your copy of the ERA Bundle Standard and start using the Mouth De-clicker right away for $8 a month, CLICK HERE and you’ll be on your way.

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