Creating Space And Depth In Your Recordings

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One of the most important areas that have to be considered in the production of any media is creating realistic sound.  Creating realistic sound is not an easy task.  Some of the methods that are used to create three-dimensional sound are through the use of room mics, Re-Amping, Echo, Hass ffect and Reverb.   In case of room mics, we have mics set up at different corners of the room to record the sound giving rise to sort of 3-D effect.  In the case of re-amping we have the already-recorded media played through a guitar amplifier (usually) in a room with mics at different places and then re-recorded to get the realistic sound.  With echo,  you can stay inside a box and add echo to instruments, which will place that instrument in a space.  The Haas effect is a psycho-acoustic illusion that humans experience when the same signal is played just slightly delayed from a copy of itself and panned left and right.  We hear only a single sound until the delay between the two signals reaches around 50 milliseconds, at which point we start to hear these as two separate signals to help create a realistic sound.  Reverb, like echo (well, they're really the same thing technically, but...) gives space to a sound and helps to make it sound a little further away from the listener.

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Creating Space And Depth In Your Recordings


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